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Stairway to a Statement

When you live in the city, and you aren’t a billionaire living in a beautiful townhouse, there are some things that you just have to comprise on. Size is a big one, storage is another, and certainly outdoor space, but one of the things I miss most by living in a city is a having a staircase.

Not only do they provide access to a second floor, staircases are an architectural element that a lot of people take for granted- and its a shame because they can be used to make incredibly bold statements.

And how fun are they to photograph? Whether you are at the bottom looking up:

Or at the top looking down:

I know its cheesy to say this, but walking up a flight of stairs literally taking you on a journey from point A to point B. Think about a time when you were visiting a place you had never been before. Did the staircase not present you with some sort of mystery? Weren’t you curious to see what was up there around that curve?

They are also so fun to decorate around, a small window into your personal taste.

It’s not just the decor though- the details can make a statement all on their own:

It’s no surprise of mine that so many movies use staircases to set the scene adding movement and dimensionality to grand entrances

and goodbyes:

So next time you climb the staircase in your house, think about the statement it is telling!

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