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Clever! Stackable Bowls

How clever are these Chinese pottery inspired Stackable Bowls? Not only are they a beautiful decorative item, but they are each made up of 6-8 beautifully decorated bowls and plates. Designed by the french company iBride, each one is shaped like a Yuan or Ming Dynasty Vase and feature Chinese inspired imagery on the inside. My favorite is this black one with a blue-green waterlily pattern.

I think this would be an absolutely a perfect idea for a kitchen without a lot of cabinet space- I would happily display this dishware right out in the open! Another great idea would be to give them to a recent grad who doesn’t yet have a lot of decorative items OR serving ware in their home- thus serving a dual purpose. Actually, I can’t think of a scenario where these wouldn’t be a great gift!

My only wish is that they sealed together- how fun would it be to use them as a picnic “basket”?


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