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One more beach day!

It seems absolutely crazy to write this post when it is 60 degrees and misting rain here in Boston, but I REFUSE to give up on summer! Come hell or high water, I WILL enjoy at least one more beach day before putting on boots and wool jackets. We have three weeks left and a great long weekend ahead of us!

cape cod biking magazines on the beach Race Point Beach

Nick and I have been very lucky this year to fill our time with trips to Cape Cod. (oh hi, yes. that is where I’ve been) To me there is nothing better than a day spent at/ in the ocean. I’m usually the one crazy person swimming in the cold water and could spend the ENTIRE day in the sun. (Although Nick usually pries me away for a little biking action.) I’m surprisingly minimalist when it comes to what to bring to the beach. I hate to lug 500 things from the car, so give me a blanket and magazine- maybe some blueberries- and I’m good to go. Sunscreen (I swear by Kiehl’s 50spf) is an absolute MUST as well. The rest of these items are also rather wonderful- because who DOESN’T want to match their umbrella to their paddleball game?

Beach Day


What are your beach essentials???


Shark Week Ooh Ha Ha!

I don’t know about you, but the first week of August always means one thing. Well two things. One is my Dad’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Daddy!). and TWO, is SHARK WEEK. To say that we have these nights penciled in to be glued to the TV is an understatement. We schedule our entire social calendar around that 9-11pm time slot. One year, we were so inspired by the shark divers in the Bahamas that we booked our own trip to swim with them at the same site the show filmed. Don’t believe me?

Stuart Cove's

Yes. We are crazy.

Last night’s episode was coverage of the Great Whites along Cape Cod. I’ve been to Nauset and Lighthouse Beaches maybe 10,000 times in my life and I cannot say thank you enough to the guys who patrol these waters. It was alarming to see how close these things are swimming up to the beach!

I know I’m not alone in my enthusiasm, so in honor of Shark Week, I’ve rounded up a few items for you to show your shark spirit year round! There is something for everyone, including the gal who has $13,000 to burn on a 3-5 million year old fossilized shark tooth necklace! (is this anyone in real life?!) Well its not me… yet. For now, I’ll just be enjoying my gummy sharks in front of the TV. And tweeting about it.

I Frickin' LOVE Shark Week

PS for those of you following along on the regular- the new job is going great! Although it was silly of me to think I’d have time for regular posting as I settle in to a new position. I’ll be in and out for the next few weeks.


Hostess Gifts

Summer is so much about visiting friends and celebrating the season. Chances are, you will be attending one or two parties and as any good guest who wants to be invited back a second time, you are going to need to pick out a great hostess gift. This goes beyond the obligatory bottle of wine or case of Sam’s Summer. You want something for your host/ hostess to enjoy long after the guests have left. I’ve selected a few summery gifts in a few different price points here. Everything from cute cocktail napkins to a summery coffee table book. Try to pick something you know the recipient will use- do they LOVE to garden?? Why not these cute printed gardening tools? Are they more of a grill master? How about a set of seasonings and rubs? You really can’t go wrong.

Hostess Gifts
Tip for the wise: I like to keep a few gifts on hand in the house, just in case I don’t have time to find something before a spontaneous party. If I never give them away, I can always use them for myself!


Oh hi there.

OK. So I think I have some explaining to do. I fully want to apologize from dropping off the face of the blogging earth. The past two months have been stressful, and action packed (it IS summer afterall!) and while there were definitely a few days in there when I could have sneaked in some posts- I knew I couldn’t be consistent in getting back to this. But I have news! I have a new job!

This might not come as a surprise to many people, but I was pretty unmotivated in my job for quite some time. I tried not to bring it online but I’m sure there were glimmers of frustration dotted throughout my social media.  It was my first job after college, and after five years of trying to make it work- it just didn’t anymore. There were mornings in there where I WISHED I was too sick to go to work. I cried on the phone to my mom about how I didn’t know what to do. I think Nick was ready to declare me as certifiably insane. It’s a crippling and scary feeling to be in a job situation that isn’t working. But at some point, you need to move forward and decide what the next move is. I debated a lot of options: I took the GRE in a “maybe I”ll go to gradschool…” moment. I started researching life as a Landscape Architect (a secret passion of mine). I brainstormed a thousand ways I could monetize my blog. I even debated doing a commute to NY, living at home in my childhood room 5 days a week and working for my dad. But then there was always this little piece of me shouting out- REFUSING to give up on engineering. This has been my path since high school! So I applied to a position in the same field- and sure enough, less than a week later, I was in for an interview. It was a sign.

The new position is as a Waterfront Structural Engineer. The new job is for a smaller group, meaning I will get more responsibility. There will be more design and analysis and project management experience- I might even get to meet with clients! and the BEST PART??? I have a 5 minute walk to get there.

So we will see where it takes us. I have this ENTIRE week off to recharge before starting next Monday so I’m doing my best to plan out some great posts, and I promise you will see more of me here! The subjects I blog about are pretty far removed from my career interests, but I still find it so fun to look up and share these “beautiful” things.

Until Monday, its beach, pool, music, drinks, fun. In no specific order. Its been AGES since I’ve had a proper summer stay-cation.

boat picnic swimsuits and hats drinks swim lounge  pineapple summerSlim Aarons

How is your summer so far?? Share any news!

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Easy Entertaining: Bean Salad

Beans are a food group that remind a lot of people of silly childhood rhymes, but in my family, beans are the main ingredient of my mom’s signature potluck dish. (well, one of them at least) This is the one she goes to for summer barbeques and picnics- and its become such a staple, friends have specifically requested it by name on many occasions! It is also a favorite for how quick and easy it is to make! If you know how to use a can opener, then you should have no trouble with this one!

Bean Salad

What you need:

  • 1 can of black beans, navy beans (which are actually white), and pink beans
  • 1 bag/box of frozen peas
  • handful of chopped cilantro
  • 1 chopped red onion
  • 1/4 cup each of balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, olive oil and safflower oil

Rinse the beans. Put all of the ingredients in a bowl. Stir to combine. Move to a prettier serving bowl.

Was that not the easiest thing ever? If you have time to let the flavors marinate in the fridge for a few hours it definitely adds to the flavor- but don’t stress if you don’t have the time! I hope you test it out for any upcoming end of summer parties!

Have a great weekend!

ps I’m sorry for the grainy quality of this photo- I had a lot of trouble with the flash reflecting off the oil.. anyone have any tips?


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