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Rental Wallpaper

Living in an apartment can be challenging. Especially when you are combining the lives of two people- its a lot of stuff! I feel like no matter how much we purge and organize- things are still a mess. But I’m making it my goal to take on one room at a time this year- January was my closet. February/ March is the bedroom. and yes. It definitely needs two months instead of one. joking aside, I’ve been looking to pinterest for inspiration for simple things I can do that will have a BIG impact. One idea is to frame panels of fabric or wallpaper. I LOVE wallpaper but obviously can’t start plastering it on our white rental walls and this version is also much more affordable- AND can follow me to our next home! A few examples:

framed wallpaper3

framed wallpaper

framed wallpaper4

framed wallpaper2


framed wallpaper5

Isn’t it DIVINE??? I’m taking recommendations for a pattern!


Black and White and Red All Over

I promise its not a bad joke. I’m really thinking zebras are having a design moment. No, not zebra stripes, actual zebras. And why shouldn’t they? I mean, how amazing is this bar?

As you might know, the wallpaper is the Classic Scalamandre Zebras. Formal yet fun, I’ve seen it in a variety of images all around the internet.

I’m in love! Though yet again, my life of constantly renting keeps me from having what I want! Fortunately, as with any timeless design, the classic print has inspired quite a few other zebra items that are less… “permanent”:

What do you think? Would you embrace the zebra trend?


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